Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweep! Yankees advances to ALCS

I have to admit I feel so frustrated to watching Pavano to throw a great game against us.

The biggest play of the game is Jeter throwing out that base runner at the bottom of 8th inning when Hughes is in trouble again.

I know most Yankees fans may still be in the heaven for advancing to second round of playoffs. But, be honest, I feel nervous about our bullpen. Joba, Hughes and even Mo look shaky. Another thing worries me is the lineup. It seems to me Jeter, A-Rod and Teixeria are the only persons hitting now. Hopefully, I just think too much.

The players of the game: Pettitte, Jeter and A-Rod.


MJB said...

ALCS is almost here!

I'm not too worried about the team or the bullpen. I'm a little concerned about consistency. They seem to struggle early and come back late. I hope they can keep up the intensity the whole game.

Some other writers are making a big deal about possible 4th starters. I feel that the post season fits Joba's style perfectly. He's cocky, emotional, and intense. He was shaky down the stretch, but who wouldn't be with all those "Joba Rules"? If they need someone to start besides CC, AJ, and Andy, I hope its Joba. This is what they were preparing him for!

CC starts it off tonight! There are some weather concerns, but it seems to be OK for now.

As your blog says, Lets Go Yankees!

Jessica Lee said...

Sorry to reply your comment so late. Thank you to stay with me.

As for Game 4 starter, I don't think Joba is our answer. I will go with Gandin.

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