Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game 1 of ALDS_Twins at Yankees

8pm It's 8am in the morning in Taiwan. I wake up on time to see A-Rod come through with a big RBI single. And then Matsui hit another home run against lefty. Of course, I miss the big two-run home run by Captain.

8:20pm At the same time, a well rest CC with run support keep putting on zero on the scoreboard.

8:35pm Well, It starts making everyone nervous, doesn't it? Come on, CC.

8:40pm A job well done by CC. Let's go Hughes. We need this big out.

8:48pm Guess what? Hughes get that big out by throwing fastball right by Cabrera

9:03pm A-Rod likes to face Twins in the post season, right?

9:21pm It's good to get everyone in the game to feel the pressure of playoff.

9:47pm It's hard for me to get nervous when Mo is on the mound. Congrats to Yanks for game 1 win(7-2).

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