Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pettitte vs TOR

1:36pm Today, I need to work on some of my family stuffs, so I will stay up late. Of course, That means I can watch some Yankees games. It's 1:36am in Taiwan.

1:39pm I just watch opening ceremony of 2009 Summer Deaflympics in Taipei. It is great, especially the part presents Taiwan delicious food. It is so cue. If you have the chance to watch it. Do it and tell me how you feel.

1:46pm OK, go back to the Yankees game. Amazing. Our bombers don't waste any more time to get a lead on the top of second inning.

1:52pm I only can say Jeter is a great actor for that ball 4.

1:54pm I thought I could see Swisher work the count to get a ball 4 for a run.

1:57pm Man, that is quick. Pettitte just gives up a run right back.

1:59pm Wait. I don't think it is a homerun. I guess replay agree with me as well.

2:26pm It seems to me Melky pays for his buddy, Cano for that homerun.

2:43pm That is a great play by Cano to get the 3rd in order to avoid Blue Jays scoring that lead run.

2:46pm That is a great job by Teixeira to give Yankees and Pettitte a lead back this soon.

3:34pm This is the breathing room Pettitte and Yankees bullpen needs.

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MJB said...

Hi, I thought you were gone forever. Welcome back! Playoffs are almost here!