Friday, June 8, 2007

the quote every yankees fans wanna hear....

Everyone is pretty happy about Wang's outing,especially his ability and will to pitch deep into ball game.Actually,there is nothing special for most taiwanese ball players of their attitude.They do whatever can help team win and whatever coaches say.A lot of media asked Wang about complete game after game,Wang said "The most important thing is team winning".Another interesting quote is Wang said to Taiwanese media "We can't let Red Sox run away.We need to close gap and catch them".This is exactly the quote every yankees fans wanna hear.Let's go Yankees!!!

Wang actually told to Taiwanese media recently about his change.Gator help him out a lot.Gator teach him how to change his delivery in order to throw Gator's nasty slider.Wang try to used to his new delivery.Wang really want to be great.That's why he start to throw more slider,changeup and splitter now.In 2001,Wang had a big shoulder surgery.After that,Wang told Taiwanese media he couldn't throw slider as good as before surgery he did.He didn't know the reason.Right now,Obviously,Wang get his new-nasty-slider.


Z said...

What a huge performance by Wang. It's so great to see a complete game from a Yanks starter--and to see Torre allow him to stay in for all 9 innings. Too often, I think, Torre plays it safe with his starters and pulls them early: one of the reasons the bullpen is now so tired. Wang got them a much-needed rest.

I was listening on the radio and they interviewed Wang after the game--in English! He did pretty well, but his English is not yet anywhere near as good as yours!

Jessica Lee said...

thanks for your compliment,z,
I still try hard to improve my English.It's not good enough.

Todd Drew said...

Very, very nice game. I'm only sorry we have to wait until Tuesday to watch him pitch again.

Andrea said...

People at the stadium were wondering who our ace would be--I think Wang has definitely taken over that role! No one was really sure how he'd pitch when he came off the DL.

Z is right Jessica--Wang has some pretty good English--but it's pretty much just good enough to do interviews. Your English may not be perfect, but you always get across what you're trying to say, and that's the most important part.

I've been waiting all day for you to post something about Wang. Did you watch this game live?