Sunday, May 31, 2009

The reality between Yankees and Wang

Since MJB(one of my loyal readers) was wondering about how Taiwanese react to Cashman's comments regard of Wang in the comment section, I am going to talk about that issue now.

According to Taiwanese news, Cashman called Wang's agent immediately right after Andrew Marchand's report comes out. Cashman apologies for his improper comments regard of Wang. He says he loses control and then leads to those improper comments because Andrew Marchand keep questioning the moves Yankees make regard of Wang. Andrew Marchand pushes so hard that leads Cashman to says something he shouldn't say. Cashman says Yankees still view Wang as a starting pitcher and hope Wang can regain the form as soon as possible in order to go back to rotation.

Here is my take regard of Yankees with Wang. Yankees never thought Wang would succeed. Let alone think he will have long term success. In Yankees' prospect, Wang is a fragile pitcher(a bad shoulder+ a bad foot) with one good pitch(sinker) and so few strikeouts. Yankees think Wang will lose the ability to get big league hitters out at any moment. Every time Wang shows any red flag, Yankees will immediately think "Is he done?"

Therefore, Yankees will try to get out of Wang as much as they can at the cost as low as possible. They never think to re-sign Wang once he hits free agent market. Let alone sign him a long term contract before he becomes free agent. They may be ready to trade him away once Wang rebuild his trade value.

I guess this is also what most Yankees fans think. That's why Yankees are not afraid of making Wang angry and don't take care of his feeling because they don't think Wang can come back to bite them. On top of that, how Hughes and Joba perform impacts how people view Cashman's legacy directly. Cashman certainly will give them every chance to succeed.

Don't get me wrong. I agree with Yankees not giving rotation spot back to Wang solely based on his track record. Yankees may bring Wang back too early, but there is only so much Wang can do against minor league hitters. Wang needs to face major league hitters little by little in order to rebuild his confidence. Wang has to show he can throw the ball any place he wants consistently before going back to rotation. To blame whose fault won't do anyone good.

However, Yankees should set up the whole plan before they activate Wang and then Yankees has to do a better job to communicate with Wang in order to make him comfortable and ease his concern. That is what get most Taiwanese upset during the whole process, not losing rotation spot.

Eventually, Yankees will need Wang in the rotation because innings limit of Hughes and Joba and the potential injury to one of starters.

I know Yankees don't think Wang will come back to haunt them, but no one can predict the future and no one know what kind of career any player will have. I know Wang is under Yankees control, but it won't hurt Yankees to make him happy and comfortable as much as possible when it won't hurt Yankees' chance of winning. By the way, Yankees may need Wang more than expected if new Yankees stadium turnout to be a homerun happy place for hitters.

I am always a Yankees fan no matter Wang is on the Yankees team or not. However, as a Taiwanese, I always have a soft spot for Wang. Don't blame me to have a different view regard of any issue related to Wang. Taiwanese expect so much out of Wang. You guys can't image how much pressure Wang has from his native country.


Dad said...

Good explanation of the Taiwanese media view. I work at FTV as a translator on their English News. The Chinese-language media have been a little bit obsessed with the "Cashman doesn't respect Wang" angle.

Anonymous said...

The agent should have a plan B before Wang becomes rusted in the pen.

Jessica Lee said...

Welcome to my blog, Dad. Thank you for compliment. I am going to go back to Taiwan soon. Keep in touch. I want to keep improving my English when I go back to Taiwan.

I try to be as objective as possible when the issue is related to Wang.

MJB said...

Thanks for replying as a whole story!

I think the explanation about Cashman being annoyed by the reporter is the most plausible. Cashman has always been very diplomatic and I thought this disrespect was very uncharacteristic of him, so its comforting to hear that it may have been a pushy reporter that got under his skin. Of course, agents always seem to be in the mix when something like this happens.

In the end, it is supposedly Girardi's job to decide when Wang is ready to go back to the rotation. Its an unenviable job with how well the others are pitching and the big plans the team has for Hughes and Joba. After last game, Wang's pitching doesn't seem to be affected by all the drama, so that is good news.

With all the innings limits and probable future injuries, Wang will certainly be an important starting pitcher. But if he's back to form, I'd rather see it happen sooner than later...not just wait for Hughes to fail and then put Wang back. I think it would hurt Hughes' development at a pitcher if he thought he was going to get demoted every time he does poorly. I think they should change his role now (AAA or pen) while he's doing well.

One last point you made, about how there has always been talk about letting Wang go after his contract is up because he's not "ace" material or won't last or whatever... I've never understood this and it seems like fans think it too. How much better does he have to be? I hate to say it, but Wang is not getting the respect he deserves and I don't know his personality that well, but I'm not sure how much of this treatment he can take before he starts wishing he was somewhere else. (That would be a bad thing).

Jessica Lee said...

I actually don't believe the explanation and apology from Cashman. He has been general manager of New York Yankees for a long time and has known this job too well to make this kind of mistake.

On top of that, this is not the first time Yankees say something harsh against Wang. I know all of these statements and comments have something to do with the way Wang's agent. But, Wang is human. If I were him, I would be hurt by this kind of comments and statements.

In Taiwan, the team spirit is so important for everything. So, Wang will do whatever team asks him to do.

However, at some points, Cashman and Girardi have to show the respect Wang deserves and then move him back to rotation. They better do it sooner than later.

Don't keep messing around him. The routine between relief pitchers and starting pitchers are so different. If Joba can get hurt by moving from bullpen to rotation last season, what is the possibility for Wang to get hurt by pitching as a role he is not familiar with.

Taiwanese won't express our own opinion(I am not a typical Taiwanese anymore), but it doesn't mean we don't have feeling. If Cashman and Yankees coach staff keep doing this to Wang and Yankees front office or fans keep giving Wang unfair treatment because he doesn't complain, he will leave if he can control his own destiny. You can trust me on this one.

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